Weekend Ride

Got some of the I.E. guys together for a little ride out to Laguna Beach for some grub at the Coyote Grill.  Hell of a good ride and those fish tacos were the shit.  We headed over to Cook's Corner for a few drinks before calling it a day. 



Marco Ibarra of El Diablo Moto Shop

Saturday I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Ibarra of El Diablo Moto Shop.  He was nice enough to let me hang around a bit and snap a few photos of him working.  Marco continues to build some of the gnarliest bikes around and will continue to do so.  Thanks again Marco.

Check out El Diablo Moto.


Pomona Harley Show

While everyone is off having fun south of the border here we are trying to hide our jealousy.  Got a text from my buddy Shane that him a few friends were riding over to the Pomona Harley dealership for a car/bike show going on over their.  Had planned on sitting on my ass all day so that sounded like a better way of spending my day.  Ended up being a good time and a few head turners their as well.  Other than getting food poisoning from the Taco Bell across the street it was a great Saturday.