285 Miles, Photo Shoots, and Sweltering Heat

Sanna had a photo shoot out in Borrego and had the great idea of making a ride out of it.  Otto and I tagged along and turned out to be a hell of a fun day of riding and hanging out.  It was hot as shit first off and that showed as I watched a certain some one puking his night before out in the bushes behind the bar.  The ride out to Borrego though was nice and we didn't have too hard a time getting there.  Showed up and had some grub and bullshitted before the ladies went to do their photo shoot...Otto got to ride the photographer around on the back of his bike which was pretty cool.  It was a blast...I even nutted up and went for some shots in front of the lens surfing the bike (well sort of...had to keep my hand on the throttle, I need to get a throttle lock one of these days)...cant wait to see those shots.  The ride back to San Diego was def a bit of an adventure...told everyone it is a bad idea to let me lead and sure enough I led us into the middle of the desert near El Centro...oh well...jumped on the 8 and hunted for gas.  Sanna ran out of gas a block away from Shell...always seems to work that way.  Everyone made it back fine.  I had a blast, met some new friends and went away with some good stories.  Thanks Everyone.


Shakedown Grand Re-Opening Party

Shakedown had its re-opening party last Saturday and was a smash.  Had a blast and met some great people.