God Bless Amerika

So I was sitting here thinking about things and the question came to me.  What is happening to this country?  The government seems to be getting bigger and bigger and more intrusive.  Not a new thing right?  Even still with all the big "scandals" showing there ugly faces the last several months really makes you wonder what the fuck is going on in Washington.  NSA has its nose up our ass, the IRS has gone rogue, Benghazi seems to have fallen off the radar, for now atleast, and we still see no change in the future.  I guess the country is going down the toilet.  But just when I thought there was no hope I awoke this morning to a friendly text from my associate and "brother from another mother"...Axe.  It twas of little ol picture of a friendly neighborhood coffee shop he was a patron of.  As they say a picture says a thousand with that being said...this is evidence that maybe our country really isnt all that bad.  Maybe we are in the gutter but if this is the stuff you find in the gutter than in the gutter i shall stay.  God Bless America...and Titties!
 photo tits_zps68aa47f1.jpg photo credit: "Axe"

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