Hard Fall Hearts @ The Flying Elephant

The show last night was as good as a gets for a show in Carlsbad.  Some great bands playing but unfortunately noise restrictions ended the sow early.  The line-up last night started with Screamin Rebel Angels from NY (unfortunately I was a bit late and was only able to catch there last two songs), followed by The Reckless Ones and Hard Fall Hearts.

Laura Rebel-Angel

Tony "Slash" Redhorse slappin for Screamin Rebel Angels

Dylan Patterson on drums for The Reckless Ones

Kevin O'Leary of The Reckless Ones

one of the favorite pictures of the night and a complete accident

Adam Boatright on upright for Reckless Ones; Amazing bassist

Andrew Verdugo of Hard Fall Hearts

Brian Kelly fronting Hard Fall Hearts

Eli Rinek on the kit for HFH

Best one of the night


What happens in Corona...




On the streets

Trying hard to look cool



Biltwell Garage Sale

been meaning to put these up for a while now...finally getting around to doing it

Kutty's Sinners Prayer
CB750 Chop

Bill's Panhead
Biltwell bikes
Randy's CB750 chop
this was my favorite bike of the day
cant get enought
Branden's leaky Triumph
How San Diego rolls