Road to Kernville

Last Sunday myself and Saint took a ride out to the Kern River for some overnight camping.  Was a definite recharge and much needed trip.  Got in a little fishing...didn't catch shit...but that's fishing I guess.  One thing I couldn't believe was how crazy the stars were out there...fucking made me wish I had some shrooms or something. are a few shots I got.  I am already planning the next trip up.  Check out some more pics and a much better write up at the club blog  Knives and Knuckles Social Club

Run To The Hills

Sorry for getting these up so late but like they say "better late than never".  Thanks to SpaGetty for throwing a killer party of which I had a blast and most of which i do not remember.  It as a much needed break from the day to day grind and enjoyed seeing some friends I do not get to see very often.  I look forward to next year.

Here are some shots of the ride up...booze made it close to impossible for me to focus enough to get anything from the party.  So i guess that is more of a reason to show up at next years Run To The Hills.

Check out Spa Getty's work over at Burbank Moto!

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