Road to Washington (Day 1)

Well time for the long awaited start to the trip of my life to date.  Rode up from San Diego to Saints house in Corona.  Got a pretty decent nights sleep considering and Saturday Morning we were off.  Stopped at Dennys for a hearty breakfast.  Went over the route a bit while we ate...after said hearty meal it was time to destroy the bathroom before hitting the road.

Here are some photos from the first day...

Golden hills as far as t he eye can see...stupid cameras never get it right.  One thing I figured out this trip is only your eye can really appreciate this shit.  Photos will NEVER do it...whoever said a photo says a million words is full of shit!

Laid back riding somewhere near Fresno...we still had the energy to fuck around on the bikes.  A couple hundred miles later this would change drastically!

 All I wanted was to see some tits and I got no love...where's the love?  Mostly got a lot of laughs from dudes and nasty looks from old white haired grandmas.

We ended making it to Sacramento with about an hour and a half of daylight left with 100 miles to our original goal of Corning...stopped for gas god knows where in the dead of night and it was fucking shitty.  I have never had so many bugs molest me in my life.  We at least made it to Corning and said fuck it, rode another 15 miles north to Red Bluff and stayed in a motel.  That's right fuckers, a motel, fancy bikers.