Escape To Hazzard County 2

Hey everybody...head on over to Chop Cult and check out the feature I did for Escape To Hazzard County 2.  My first and hopefully not the last contribution to Chop Cult.  Thanks a bunch to Lisa Ballard for giving me a chance and helping out up and comers like myself, as well as, promoting the culture.


Ride out to Lake Arrowhead

After fixing the bike a couple weeks ago I took it for a nice ride up to Lake Arrowhead near Big Bear.  I have since been on the road for work non stop since then.  That was just the ride i needed to center myself.  Never been their and am glad I finally took the trip.  Crazy roads and amazing scenery...plan on heading back when I get back in town.


Biltwell 3rd Annual Parking Lot Party

Thanks again to Biltwell for throwing yet another great party.  This year's parking lot party was a beer and prob the best pizza i have had in a really long time, and out of a firetruck...fuck yes.  Look forward to next year.