Make Shit Work

Well needed to solve the problem of slipping off my seat...hate springs and love where the seats sits...with no funds I had to just grab whatever the fuck I had in my drawers...old p-pad and some shitty fender struts. Does the job perfectly. Atleast until I scrape some money together for the LBC swap and find a scorpion seat and duckbill fender.


Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, just wanna say thanks to all my brothers that have served and the ones who have served with me especially.  The weather this weekend was fucking great...did some local riding around San Diego and just kept it chill...all in all was a perfect weekend to re-charge the batteries.  That said, back to work tomorrow.


messing around with some long exposure shots

Club BBQ

well the bbq last weekend ended being a success...was a rough start trying to get the grill going and ended up leaving me with an empty fuel cell, but hey, we got it was delicious. good times.



Monthly meeting pictures, just hanging out, did a little riding and hit up a small car show at Bob's Burger or whatever it was

Why the fuck not...

Who doesnt like stickers? Well these are new ones are on their way...if you want one we can figure out a way to get them to you.  photo 942138_129624620565345_50238750_n_zpscae6da6d.jpg


Happy Humpday

Rode up to Corona last weekend.  Took the back roads up there and enjoyed the twisties.  Twas a relaxing weekend.

more pictures to come tommorrow