Gasser Lounge/Lady Hump Sue Boy Ride 3

As usual the Gasser Lounge and Lady Hump put together one hell of a ride and party.  Before hitting Gasser Lounge I met up with Vinnie and Justin down in San Pedro for some coffee at Walkers Cafe.  Caught up a little bit and off we went to Gasser.  By no surprise to me the turnout was fantastic.  There were some where in the neighborhood of 50+ bikes and not one ego to be found.  Parking was a bit interesting as in it was more like a free for all than anything else...but more hectic than that was trying to file out over 50 bikes in some sort of orderly fashion.  once we got going it was off to LA to check out the old abandoned zoo.  I cant even describe how much fun it was riding with that many people with so many rad bikes.  We demanded the road and freaked the hell out of many cagers to say the least.  The 10 miles or so of splitting lanes was pretty intense...if you have never had the opportunity to do so with an army of bikes than you need to get on it.  The zoo was lots of fun and of course there were unicorns and ice cream...whats the point of being a biker if ice cream isn't involved, right?  After the zoo we shot over to the brewery for some beers and grub...once again parking was interesting.  After telling some stories...some true and some mostly true...we headed to The Bigfoot Lodge for some more drinks.   To wrap things up it was back to Gasser Lounge for the Johnny Cash Birthday Party which was one hell of a good time and a very good reminder that we made the right decision to motel it in Redondo.  Enough words...hope to see you next time and meet some more great people.