3/24 Long Beach Swap (3)

pay no mind to the tiger...or to the clowns next to it  photo P4212904_zpsdc2e7462.jpg Nash Motorcycle Co.'s Ironhead  photo P4212903_zps9525be1d.jpg  photo P4212901_zpscf905f93.jpg  photo P4212900_zpsddb4bd86.jpg Loads of cool details and engineering creativity in this Yamaha  photo P4212896_zps0fd0af1a.jpg  photo P4212897_zps9e17a536.jpg  photo P4212898_zpsfdd01199.jpg  photo P4212894_zpsb09a7d8f.jpg  photo P4212893_zps21983cd9.jpg fuckin rad shovel...killer engraving and sick paint job on the gas tank  photo P4212887_1_zpsd0335241.jpg  photo P4212886_zps0b83aa30.jpg  photo P4212888_zps42fdaec8.jpg  photo P4212884_zpsb1ebc0bd.jpg  photo P4212885_zps0c0b4c6b.jpg  photo P4212883_zps8d0079e2.jpg

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