Expedicion de Joshua Tree

So the trip to Joshua Tree was a complete success...had a few turn arounds on the way up but nothing too crazy and was all in all smooth. Lots of great riding. The ride through Idylwild was rad and once we got into the desert it was a lot of fun. The group site we scored was perfect and couldnt of asked for better. Ended up killing more booze than i thought was humanly possible for the size of group we had...thats how we roll. Best part of the weekend for me was seeing a random CAMEL among a bunch of cows on the ride back to San Diego. Lost one of my contacts and am half blind so i havent been able to get to editing the photos i got on my camera (which died shortly after getting there) but here are some i got on my phone. better than nothing.  photo 68560_10151526339057072_1581446620_n_zps367944cc.jpg  photo 552996_10151526342777072_439609170_n_zps3490ab18.jpg  photo 480515_10151526350562072_1455758205_n_zps80006ae0.jpg  photo 555623_10151526346652072_518873519_n_zps7dcc56c7.jpg  photo 529541_10151526378007072_331646062_n_zps209ce4b0.jpg  photo 523467_10151526394202072_253287658_n_zps6a4c94d8.jpg  photo 521899_10151526402472072_1975230224_n_zps15c624f3.jpg  photo 521708_10151526344447072_71906112_n_zpsa932446b.jpg  photo 483592_10151526352727072_13745779_n_zpsc16abd93.jpg  photo 392784_10151526361912072_1676305603_n_zps84bec5b9.jpg  photo 67854_10151526354907072_2021154383_n_zps995654cc.jpg  photo 60663_10151526390532072_1958029558_n_zps77ca5391.jpg  photo 8536_10151526384752072_2014873247_n_zps0540a39c.jpg  photo 549052_10151526400067072_1640105355_n_zpse2d6e000.jpg  photo 555510_10151526404797072_1261830985_n_zps3e713f5e.jpg

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