Beer Booters Super Rad Biker Party

Every year the Beer Booters throw their Super Rad Biker Party and I am glad to say I was able to attend this year.  What a fucking good ole time it was.  Damn near everything you could think of to make a party fun they BOOZE, free FOOD, killer RAFFLE, and plenty of places to pass out once you had too much fun.  Met up in Lake Elsinore at the Craft Brewing Company before the ride over to the secret location.  Great beers, i recommend checking the place out.  Caught up with some friends and met some new ones.  The pack jumped on the bikes and headed over to the party...unfortunately Rich lives in super max mega community and we could not ride the bikes on property so we did a .04 push race.  I and many others nearly died but were met half way with a fireball shot to get us back in the race.  We all made it alive and the rest they say is history.  Hard to sum the rest of the day and night up but it was too much fun to pass up again.  Lots of drunk fools jumping beer cans on a hoopty bmx bike and more drunk fools dancing, singing, and jamming out tunes late into the night.  Hear are just a few shots from the weekend...hope to see everyone at the next party.

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