Show Class People's Champ Part @ Cooks Corner

I broke down and made the decision not to attend this years Born Free extravaganza.  Nothing against it, just too big for this biker...i do not like crowds and i had a blast last year so fuck it.  That being said, I did make it a point to get my ass over to Cooks Corner that Friday for the Show Class People's Champ Party.  My buddy Bryan built one killer 74' Turbo Shovel and watching the build progress was great but seeing the bike in person was insane.  Unfortunately he did not win but that's what tends to happen when you build a bike that brakes the mold...definitely an original build.  Good fucking job Bryan!  More than just the bikes but I had the pleasure of  meeting some great friends and talking with some of the builders.  Bryan, Marco, and Jay made the trek all the way from the eastcoast.. It was rad meeting you dudes in person finally and one of these days I will make it out to a Herding Cats party.  Well enough of the love fest, check out just a few of the amazing bikes that were in attendance along with the show bikes.

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